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Frequently asked question

Some of the more common questions asked when considering Open ACU as a scheduling and health records solution. For more detailed help check out our help files.

What features does Open ACU include?

We’ve included everything you need to streamline appointment scheduling and record keeping so you can focus on what you do best—taking care of your patients. See our full list of features here.

Optional add-on features include SMS appointment reminders, document uploads, and integrated credit card payments. 

Is Open ACU HIPAA compliant?

Yes! Open ACU is HIPAA compliant. We've outlined the details of which on our HIPAA page.

Is Open ACU ADA compliant?

Yes, Open ACU complies with all accessiblity requirements for websites as place of public accommodation according to the Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Act.

Is Open ACU mobile friendly?

Yes, both our administrative and patient portals are easily accessible on a mobile device.

Is your cost only based on the number of locations and not appointments or practitioners?

Yes. Open ACU wants to make using the service affordable. Where other scheduling and records services charge a relatively small base fee the hidden cost of actually making appointments can get quite expensive. Appointments are free as are additional practitioners.

Are there any hidden costs with Open ACU?

No, when it comes to pricing we believe in simplicity and transparency. The base price of $55 per month includes unlimited appointments, patients and users for up to two locations. Each additional location is an additional $10 per month.

Is there a limit to the number of appointments I can schedule with Open ACU?

No, Open ACU includes unlimited appointment, patient records and admin users. Admin users include ownership level access to other users and account preferences, practitioners who can enter health records, and staff who can manage appointments, patients basic information and transactions.

Can I use the EHR without using the Scheduler?

You cannot. Open ACU utilizes the schedule to apply appointment time, location and practioner to the records. Plus, the added feature of appointments without health records as a way of keeping track of the records you have left to do.

Is there a cost to cancel?

No, there are no contracts with Open ACU and you can cancel any time. Any monthly recurring payments that have been paid will not be refunded. These payments are always collected on the first of the month.

Do I own my data?

Yes. Open ACU uses a proprietary data schema that not only protects your information but segragates it into an isolated silo database. You may request your entire database at anytime for a $75 fee. Keep in mind that every Open ACU database is encrypted and can only be interpreted using the Open ACU service as a kind of key to the data. Authentication via your access credentials is required.

With encryption of data in mind, know that your Health records data can be accessed to read only even after you've cancelled.

What happens to all my data if I cancel?

You own all of your data and have lifetime access to it, even if you choose to cancel. Your data will continue to be stored in its own secure database.