Open ACU
Open ACU

New features and improvements


We've tried to integrate what was so great about POCA Point, its ease of use and striaghtforward interface, into Open ACU but improve upon that with enhancements. We've also taken the opportunity to introduce brand new time saving and usage improvement features into the new platform. We think PP users will be thrilled and new clinics will wonder how they every worked without Open ACU.


Now much more attention to transactions, treatment and otherwise. Patient credit and debits with charges added when there's a no-show.

Patient Records

Each Patient Record has more ways of getting to the details plus you can upload a photo to help staff recognize patients when they arrive.


User credentials are double encrypted, and all patient information are secured with modern server-side techniques.

Waiting Lists

Open ACU now has waiting lists for each day (and by location). Deleted blocks automatically place all appointments in the waiting list.

Reusable Blocks

You can save any block to reuse on another day inheriting the practitioner, start and end times plus coffee breaks.

Tokens vs Credit

Patients now have single appointment tokens as well as a running debit/credit balance. They can pay with tokens or credit or pay you for past due amounts like no-shows.

Activity Logs

Appointments, health records, patient records and their changes are logged for tracking activity and to help troubleshoot issues.

Non-Treatment Transactions

If someone purchases an item without having a treatment appointment you can record that transaction for the day's records, and they can pay with any credit they may have.

Mobile Responsive

The Admin, EHR and the Patient Portal are all optimized for use on mobile devices, tablets and desktop computers and laptops.