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More Flexible Schedule Coming!

Retaining our legendary ease-of-use.

Multiple Services & Slottimes are Coming Summer 2024

Acupuncture practices are evolving, your business has changed since we introduced Open ACU in 2020, and big time since 2011 when POCA Point was introduced. We like to say we are a service for acupuncturists by acupuncturists. That is why we are introducing a big update to our scheduler, and don't worry the same legendary ease-of-use will still be there. In fact, most of how you use Open ACU will remain the same but with the addition of these key features.


You can offer multiple and selectable services to your patients in one availability block.

Offer cupping and herbal consultations with your acupuncture now, and all from the same practitioner and location.

Time Slots

Each service can have it's own duration or time slot. Now you can offer 30, 60 or 90 minute massage for example.

It is as simple as adding services to your availabilty block.

Patient Choice

With service and time flexibility patients now have many more choices.

Allow patients access to all these choices through the updated Open ACU patient portal.

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