Open ACU
Open ACU
From the folks who brought you POCA Point
Open ACU

The new and improved scheduler and health records service for community acupuncture clinics.

We rebuilt the popular POCA Point Platform

POCA Point began almost 2 decades ago and continues to serve as a convenient and powerful tool for community acupuncture clinics all over North America. The time has come to build something new, while retaining what was so very good about PP.


Open ACU is built on a modern, mobile friendly interface that helps your practice get its work done quickly and accurately.

Thoughtfully rebuilt for scalability and sustainability.


Multiple levels of encryption and encoding are deployed to protect against even an accidental breach.

Each account data is segregated to its own database for a high level of integrity and privacy.


Every script, line of code and data model has been written from the ground up to ensure the most efficient processes and interactions.

Singled account databases and optimized table structures are inherently faster for reading, writing and searching data sources.

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For help with features and using the Open ACU software check out our WIKI site.

Deeper Transactions

Checking a patient in is more than recording payment and a note. Add line items, take patient credit or tokens, even pay past due.

Advanced Security

From top to bottom Open ACU is more secure for patients, the clinics, plus it is HIPPA Compliant.

Waiting List

Put patients in a waiting list if your schedule is too full. Just select a slot, click a patient in the list. Done

Charge for No Show

When you cancel an appointment you can choose to add a fee to the patient's account for a past due amount.

Patient Photos

Upload a photo for your patients to help remember them when they visit.

Reusable Blocks

Any block can be saved as a reusable block which reuses the location, practitioner, start and end times, slot durations and coffee breaks.

The new scheduler in Open ACU is more flexible, faster, and full of more features. Have a look at this video showing off some of the new capabilities.

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