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How the right EHR could have saved me $6000

Alexa |

Hey fellow acupuncturist, Alexa here - let’s talk about the thing every acupuncturist hates…charting.

I know, I know…you wish you could just treat patients and not worry about the hassle of having to document everything. But the reality is, charting is a necessary responsibility of being a healthcare provider.

Fortunately, Open ACU makes this as painless as possible.

But first, a little story about how I could have saved $6,000.

For years, I used paper charts, with paper intake forms and handwritten notes. Over the years I saw thousands of patients come through my clinic, which was GREAT! Except for the mountains of papers and manila file folders it created, not to mention the filing cabinets I needed to store them.

You see, when we created Open ACU, it was JUST a scheduler. But we wanted to provide a full practice management system for our customers.

So we added an electronic health records (EHR) system, specifically with the needs of acupuncturists in mind.

When we added the EHR component to Open ACU, I was finally free of all those papers, file folders and cabinets. There was just one problem…several years’ worth of paper charts sitting in storage. I decided to have them all scanned, digitized and destroyed…to the tune of $6,000! If only I’d had an EHR from the beginning, I could have saved all those dollars (and trees).

If I were starting my practice all over again, I’d go paperless from the start. Open ACU allows you to do that.

Open ACU’s EHR is fast, modern, secure and HIPAA compliant.

An EHR system better for your bottom line, and it’s also WAY faster than paper charts. Here are a few ways how:

  1. Save your frequently used points and point combinations with Treatment Codes and Treatment Groups. Charting is done in a few clicks!
  2. View past treatment notes (yours or your colleagues’) with one click
  3. Easily replicate prior chart notes, then add, delete or edit as needed
  4. Record treatment plans to help your patients track their progress

Recording a chart note in Open ACU takes less than a minute.

Not to mention, when you use electronic health records, there’s no pulling and filing of physical charts. It’s all there at your fingertips…fast, modern, and secure.

I can’t promise that Open ACU’s integrated EHR will make you fall in love with charting, but I CAN guarantee it will make charting less of a headache.

And don’t forget about that $6,000 that stays in your pocket 😉.

To learn more about Open ACU or schedule a demo, please contact us! We’d love to show you around.

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